Welcome to the CHADIS platform of CO Agir Tôt

Rest assured that all information transmitted about your child is treated in complete CONFIDENTIAL

Here are the first two actions to take for your request to be processed.

  1. Obtain a medical referral (consultation) from the child's family physician or pediatrician.
  2. Answer the questionnaires assigned to you. They will help us identify your child's development profile.

Please refer to the CHU to which you belong for the specific procedures and criteria for registration or eligibility.

Notice: the CHADIS platform is no longer available on the current link (URL). You must now log in to the following link (URL). Your access codes (user and password) have not changed: https://chadis.ctip.ssss.gouv.qc.ca

The use of this portal is strictly reserved for authorized personnel. Any unauthorized use will be subject to legal action.

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